We live the quick life pace where we want to enjoy it all: being on the move with two hands busy holding onto the bike yet wanting to be available for cellular calls or enjoying music. This led us to introduce the BS1 speaker, a hands free audio Bluetooth speaker. A built- in microphone, speaker and multi-layer noise reduction, it allows you to enjoy automatic phone call answering with clear sound while riding.

BS1- A Hands Free Audio Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 8483544102324
  • BT1 Speaker details:


    Light weight | 93 gr


    Audio power | 3W


    Dimensions | 85x25x15mm


    Dustproof and waterproof | IP54 Standard


    Charging time │ < 2 hours


    BT connection distance │ 10M


    Lithium battery │ 400mAh

  • BT1 Speaker features:


    Audio speaker for music and phone

    Automatic call Answering


    Multi-layer noise reduction

    Built-in microphone

    Attaches to helmet and can easily be removed by Velcro