We took into consideration the special needs of kids to provide the care they need in protecting their heads.

In order to make them fall in love with their helmet and encourage them to wear it for every ride, a set of reusable stickers is provided. Once they play with and design the helmet, then their desire to wear it and show it off to everybody will follow! There are no internal contact points with the fontanel, the softest part of a developing head. The flat back allows for sitting up straight while strapped into a bike seat. An internal net will keep insects out of their hair. And it features a buckle system that allows micro adjusting – insuring no neck pinching.

Kids helmets - K1

SKU: 36253561235721
  • K1 helmet details:


    Easy retention system


    Construction | In-Mold, EPS and PC combination


    Ventilation | 12 vents


    Light weight | +/-200 gr


    Certification | CE  


    Sizes | toddler 46-52CM

  • K1 helmet features:


    Airflow ventilation system


    4 mode LED safety light


    Extended back protection


    CoolMax inner padding